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ella is you on the blockchain

create your own secure decentralized web presence with the ella network on the blockchain

How it works

Step 1

Register for ella with just your name & Metamask. Click Here for step by step instructions.

Step 2

Add 3 words that define you best. This will help ella get to know you better.

Step 3

Sit back while your custom ella profile page is generated on the blockchain.

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MetaMask or any Web3 Injected Browser



Ella can take messages from your visitors & securely transmit them over the blockchain.


Ella was built on the blockchain so its decentralized & built with total privacy.


Ella only needs to know what you choose to tell her. Keeps you in total control.


Secure identity vault & ability to sign blockchain transactions with MetaMask.

Ella will be the first to launch an
interactive world & bot on the blockchain

Are you ready?

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Roadmap & What's Coming

The Network will allow your Ella to interact with other Ella bots on the platform to send & receive messages & files.
Share what you want when you want.
Buy & sell digital products through the ella commerce channel.
Buy a fully customized ella page or sell your customized ella page.

The ella network will be the first of its kind to launch on the Expanse network.

Build your ella with the power of the network around your personal or professional lifestyle while adding themes & attributes to your pages.

Built with love in Colorado & New York City




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